March 7, 1958


Above, a look at upcoming films with African American casts, "St. Louis Blues" and "Porgy and Bess." Click on the image to read the complete story. Below, time to take the classic Porsche 356 up to see the snow …  It rains beans in Van Nuys …  Bus and trolley fares are going up …  Unexpected problems with a proposed atomic-powered plane. Hint to engineers: Lead is not an ideal airframe component. 


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1 Response to March 7, 1958

  1. Fred Ahlert says:

    I love the term “Sepia-Cast”! Lena Horne was called a Sepia Cinderella back in the day.
    I was lucky to see Pearl Bailey in Hello Dolly with an all black cast when I was a kid. She was amazing! She performed the last half of the show in red fuzzy slippers, and invited all the kids in the audience to come shake her hand after her curtain call. How could you not be a fan of Pearl after that?


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