Paul Coates

March 1, 1958

Paul, I had a fight with my wife in the restaurant below the hotel tonite. She ran out on me.

I slammed the resterant door so hard it almost fell off the hinges. Now
I’m having a feud with the resterant on account of my wife, they wont
serve me any more.

The people who own the resterant wont call my cab any more either.

I told them I did not care and I would tell my custermers to eat in another resterant if thats the way they felt about it.

All I can say Paul is I hope this New York publisher pays me for my book and I can move out of Palo Alto. For ever.

All Palo Alto done for me, I done for myself.

Paul, I don’t know from one day to the next what I am going to see next.

The other night I am sitting in a bar again, waiting for a custermer of mine.

A big guy was sitting next to me playing jacks by himself and bouncing the little ball on the bar.

He said to me, I am pretty good at this but my little sister can beat me.

Parkey Sharkey,
2007 Bay Road,
Palo Alto, Calif.


About lmharnisch

I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to Paul Coates

  1. Elson Irwin says:

    I remember Paul when I was a cub reporter for the Los Angeles Mirror when it first opened on Dec. 5-6 1950. Paul had a restaurant columb which developed into Confidential File. I also helped to write several shows with Paul after I had left the Mirror. Paul was a fighter, a great writer and a fine man. He taught me more about being a newspaperman than anyone in the business. I was not that “close” with Paul because he was a man of many moods, but I understood him and what he stood for.


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