Mystery photo

Who is missing from this picture?


Photograph by Ben Olender / Los Angeles Times

Guess ONE name at a time, please.

  • Elgin Baylor? No.
  • Jerry West? No.
  • "Hot Rod" Hundley? Nope
  • Harold "Happy" Hairston? Nope.
  • Gail Goodrich? A good guess. (But no).
  • LeRoy Ellis? An excellent guess from Nathan Marsak–I would have never imagined my crime buddy is a Laker’s fan. (But no). Happy Foot!
  • Ray Felix? Nope.
  • Dick Barnett? Good guess. (But no).
  • Darrall Imhoff? (My longtime colleague Keith Thursby, who explains: "You have to be of a certain vintage and a certain sports geekiness to immediately recognize Rudy LaRusso at the Sports Arena.") Absolutely. I’ll post the complete photo tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Mystery photo

  1. Bill Hilser says:

    Happy Hairston?
    –Sorry, no.


  2. Nathan says:

    LeRoy Ellis?


  3. Samaritan says:

    The player that used to be called The Bird?
    –Sorry, no.
    –Thanks for reading!


  4. Samaritan says:

    Wilt Chamberlin?
    –Sorry, no.


  5. Davan Mani says:

    Rudy LaRusso.


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