110 revisited

Feb. 11, 1917
Los Angeles


The Times published a map of the Silver Lake Parkway, intended as a beautification project for something called the Bimini Slough. The article notes that Westlake (MacArthur) and Sunset (Lafayette) parks were also built from reclaimed "sump holes."

Bimini Slough, in case you want to trace the path of what The Times called unreclaimable swampland, ran from 6th and Alexandria, east along 6th Street to Vermont Avenue, followed Vermont north past the "Bimini Baths" to 1st Street, then went in a diagonal to Silver Lake Reservoir. The slough was a notorious civic eyesore, having been used as an informal dumping ground for years, The Times says. The slough was filled and graded in 1931, making way for a major realignment of 3rd Street that opened in 1932.

The reason? To ease badly congested traffic on 6th and 8th streets.  It may be difficult to believe that Los Angeles had bad traffic 76 years ago–but we did.

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3 Responses to 110 revisited

  1. Bradley Mowers says:

    I live across from what was the Bimini Baths, on Bimini Place. Does a copy of the Silver Lake Parkway map exist somewhere?
    Photos of the Baths show the slough to the east of the Baths, currently where S. Madison Avenue is now, difficult to reconcile with that part of the given route of the slough above.
    –All I have found are the two maps I’ve posted. There may be more. I intend to keep looking into both parkways over the next year. But as I say, so many stories, only one Larry Harnisch.
    –Cheers, Larry.


  2. Sue Kamm says:

    I vaguely remember being taken to the Bimini Baths as a child in the mid- to late 1940s.
    You might try the Los Angeles Public Library’ Central Library History and Genealogy Department for the Silver Lake Parkway map. They have an extensive map collection. Call Glen Creason – Map Librarian at (213) 228-7414.


  3. I grew up at 3rd and Westmoreland on the east side of Westmoreland in a 1917 house; its site was graded and the dirt was likely used to help fill the slough. Among other items used were old streetcars one of which our neighbor
    across the street – in a later built house – found when they were building swimming pool. Directly behind them was the old Cloud Motel which had considerable subsidence problems over the years.


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