Christmas past

Here’s some fun: I’m combining Christmas past with the mystery photo.

Update: We have a winner. Jack Hannah correctly guessed Santa as Dodger pitching coach Red Adams. Nice going!

Photograph by Harry Chase / Los Angeles Times

Who are Santa’s helpers in this 1975 photo? Bonus points: Identify Santa.

  • Davey Lopes and Ron Cey from the Dodgers (Chris Morales). Absolutely.

As for Santa: (Update–this is a tough question. I put it in as a throwaway gag, but people–even my co-workers at The Times–have become obsessed with whom this might be, far more than I ever imagined. Clue: He was part of the Dodger organization).

  • “Another member of the magical infield, Steve Garvey?” (Three people) Sorry, no.
  • Sandy Koufax? (Sorry, no).
  • Billy Russell? (Interesting guess. But no).
  • Vin Scully? (Interesting guess. But alas, no).
  • Mike Marshall? (No).
  • Steve Yeager? (No).
  • Andy Messersmith? (And, alas, no).
  • Ron Perranoski? (A great guess! But no).
  • Walter Alston (two people). Great guess! But no.
  • George Allen? (No.)
  • Charlie Hough? (Alas, no).
  • Kent McCord? (Sorry, no way).
  • Fred Claire? (Sorry, no).
  • Tom Paciorek? (Alas, no).
  • Police Chief Daryl F. Gates (Not even!)
  • Ross Porter? (Sorry, no).
  • Wes Parker? (So sorry, no).
  • Jerry Doggett? (I hate to say this, but no).
  • Don Sutton? (Sorry, no).
  • Al Campanis? (Sorry. But no).
  • Monte Basgall? (Good guess. But no).
  • Jim Murray? (Not even).
  • John Ramsey? (Alas, no).
  • Peter O’Malley? (Sorry).
  • Walter O’Malley? (Good guess. But no).
  • Buzzie Bavasi? (Interesting guess…. But… No..).
  • Casey Stengel? (I think not).
  • Tommy Lasorda? (Sorry, no).
  • Tommy John? (Sorry, no).

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2 Responses to Christmas past

  1. ROB CASE says:

    –Sorry, no. But thanks for reading!


  2. Mary says:

    steve garvey?


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