Dec. 17, 1957



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2 Responses to Dec. 17, 1957

  1. addie says:

    For JAN, 1, 1959, it was recommended that all rubbish be combined in a single container, at least as a trial??
    I love that! Ah, the old days.
    Of course it is better for the earth, the way things are now.
    You all out there, must have something like we have here, in NY, NY,
    —We have a real rubbish filing system going.
    There are the clear bags, the blue bags, newspaper bundles-separate from magazine bundles, separate from cardboard bundles, a special way of discarding certain kinds of combined objects, like toys and small appliances and for a large appliances there is a number to call to schedule a pick up and we had green bags, but I think we don’t anymore. Oh and of course cans and bottles are separated in their own bags, but that one has been in place for 20 years or something.
    –it is not uncommon to see an apartment house super, going through and separating garbage, that a tenant has not, so the building will not get a stiff fine.
    NY, NY
    –Thanks for reading!!


  2. zabadu says:

    Am I nuts or did the type face change in this edition? Or is it that the microfilm is actually clearer now?
    –The font is the same. I “blurred” the photo of Ike ever so slightly so it would read a bit better. I might have bumped the contrast a bit, though I don’t recall now. Otherwise that’s it.


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