Wife shoots husband



Nov. 21, 1957
Los Angeles

1954_1127_kober You remember that 35-year-old woman out in the Valley who hooked up with her daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend three years ago? Well, she shot him. Accident.

Jimmy and Dee Dee got married in 1957 and were living in Van Nuys. It was about 1 a.m. and he was teaching her how to strip and clean a .25-caliber semiautomatic.

"It was an accident," she said. "There must have been a bullet in the chamber. Jimmy had just shown me how to break the gun down and put it together again. He walked in front of it while I was dry-firing it."

Her younger daughter, who had just finished taking a shower, called police. Did I mention that this was 1 in the morning? Did I mention that the daughter (not daughter who was the ex-girlfriend, but the younger daughter) was 15 and had two kids?

OK, I won't make fun of these people. They have enough problems.

James Frederick Kober was 16 when he landed in the newspapers in November 1954 for the botched robbery of a North Hollywood liquor store, 10543 Victory Blvd. James fled from the store when owner Alfonse Schwartz took away his gun, but was arrested after police traced the weapon to the home of Dorothy (Dee Dee) C. Snow, 7328 Cartwright Ave., Sun Valley.

1957_1121_deedee_2The youth told officers that he had originally been going with Dee Dee's oldest daughter, Nancy, 14, but that he and the mother had fallen in love and he had moved in with them six weeks ago. Dee Dee, who divorced her first husband, William H. Railing, in 1945, and was separated from her second husband, Robert L. Snow, insisted that the relationship was platonic even though officers found love letters and pinup photos she had given to Jimmy.

It's unclear what became of the robbery case, but Dee Dee was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. In the meantime, an 18-year-old neighbor, Larry Carter, 7438 Cartwright St., was accused of molesting Dee Dee's younger daughter, Sharon, 12, who was placed in protective custody.

  Prosecutors dropped the charges against her involving Jimmy then accused Dee Dee of contributing to the delinquency of Sharon. In 1955, given the choice of imprisonment or two years in Minnesota with her mother, Dee Dee chose 120 days in jail.

The next two years were apparently quiet in the Kober household. Dee Dee and James married in June 1957. By now they were living at 13417 Vanowen with her daughter Sharon Ann Auxier, 15, and Sharon's two children.

Then Dee Dee shot him. James was reported in fair condition at General Hospital after surgery to remove the bullet from his abdomen.

Held in jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, Dee Dee showed no concern about her legal problems, but asked about Jimmy. "How is he? Is he going to live?"

Unfortunately, as was often the case, The Times never followed up on this story. We can only hope that these people untangled their lives.

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ps. You may be wondering how Jimmy went from being 16 in a story published Nov. 24, 1954, to being 20 in a story published Nov. 21, 1957, instead of 19. Apparently this question didn't arise at the time.

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