Unsolved murder

These have been posted all over my neighborhood.


His name was Armando Reynaga, 28, of Eagle Rock.

Also see the article in the South Pasadena High School Tiger.

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5 Responses to Unsolved murder

  1. Claudia Chavez says:

    Armando was a hard working business man. He loved his family his daughter dearly. Although he did not get to meet his son Armando I know he would of Loved him the same way. When Armando past away I was 6 months pregnant from his only son name Armando. Armando and I had already decided naming our boy after him. We sure do miss him. I thank GOD for blessing me with Armandito that looks just like his dad. I hope that whoever committed the crime repents for such a horrible crime. and pays for his action in this world.


  2. Natalia says:

    Armando was a brother and a father to me. He was a good loving person and was not connected to any violence lifestyle. All he wanted was to spend more time with his daughter and build a home for his son. He is missed dearly and I think about him everyday. If ANYONE has any info about or link to the custody swap with his estranged wife
    on Oct 11 2006. Please call. Armando needs justice.
    His only sister: natalia


  3. I worked with Armando at a bank on 9th and Hill (Downtown LA). I learned of Armando’s demise in December of 2006, as I ran into his former brother-in-law at a local mall. I was haunted by the very sad news. I knew Armando to be a very kind-hearted, non-confrontational, extremely charming, human being. He was ALWAYS willing to drop what he was doing to help anyone at work. He helped me celebrate my last day of work at 9th and Hill in 2002. He was a cool cat. I’ll never forget him. God Bless his loved ones and the ones who loved him in the end-especially his children.


  4. Wyatt Head says:

    One of my best friends through grade school. I always thought we would reconnect one day and talk about old times. I meet Armando in elementary and we knew each other all through high school. When I moved back to CA I tried to find him to catch up. Whern I finally thought I had located him, I found out that he was murdered. Still seems crazy and there is a lot I don’t understand.
    R.I.P. and best wishes to his children he left behind.


  5. Vanessa says:

    I used to work with Armando at 9th &hill. He was definitely my brother from another mother. He took a chance on me as his 2nd assistant and the rest is history. He taught me that you need to work smart and play hard! He was my good friend, great dad and fabulous brother. I miss him more than he’ll ever know. Take care El Rey… I know they find who did this to you.


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