Matt Weinstock

July 25, 1957

You know how some newspapermen are–gay and carefree.

Well, a reporter–let’s call him Mac–was driving home the other day
after suitably observing the decline of common sense with a few
literate friends.

Two blocks from his home, he was nudged to the side by a policeman who inquired, “What’s the idea of driving in second gear?”

Mac, unaware that he was in second gear and figuring he’d had it,
replied, “Oh, I do that all the time. Frequently I drive home in
reverse just so I won’t get in a rut.”

The officer told him to get out and stand up. Mac said it would be silly for him to try, he couldn’t.

The officer told him to park his car at the curb and take a cab home.
Mac told him he would be glad to but he was broke. However, if the
officer would lend him $1–.

“All right,” said the officer, “I’m going to let you drive the two
blocks to your home. I’ll be right behind you. One wrong move and I’m
taking you in.”

Mac said that was mighty nice of him and asked how come. “I figure
anyone with your gall isn’t as drunk as he thinks he is,” replied the

Mac made it home fine and no one better say nasty things to him about L.A. policemen.

enigmatic sign in Pershing Square Garage stating the escalators are for
pedestrians only is no longer the most observed in town. No. 1 seems to
be the one on Magic Cleaners on 3rd Street near Western Avenue–“Ladies
who drive up and drop off their clothes will be given prompt and
courteous attention….”

The Reseda Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a David Keith Gibbs
Memorial Fund for the 11-year-old son of pilot James Keith Gibbs, 32,
who was killed July 1 when he guided his bomber out of heavily
populated San Fernando Valley and crashed into unoccupied territory.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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