Edith Piaf at the Mocambo

Edith Piaf opens at the Mocambo. Chet BakerArt BlakeyBuddy Collette…. Slim Gaillard….And look at all the Dixieland groups. Who knew?

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Edith Piaf at the Mocambo

  1. Joe D says:

    I want to get in a time machine and go back just to see all these great acts. Slim Gaillard, Nellie Lutcher, Edith Piaf, Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Buddy Colette. Plus all those crazy Burli-Q joints. And there’s an article about the extradition of Confidential magazine’s editor to LA. Great Page!


  2. Kirk Silsbee says:

    Can you please give me the date–with the day of the week–of this page?


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