Pot pad raided


June 15, 1957
Los Angeles

Deputies arrested 13 people after finding them hiding in tunnels dug beneath at house at 12117 Jersey Ave., Norwalk, apparently intended as a bomb shelter.

Investigators found 22 marijuana cigarettes in the house and 22 more on
the suspects, police said, adding that the home was used for dealing

The house had been rented two weeks earlier by Gary Smith, 18, Jerrold
R. Rose, 18,  and their wives, and Conrad E. Castro, 21, the newspapers

Six months later, one of the suspects, Joseph L. Pickle, 19, was in the
news in a bizarre incident in Tijuana. On Christmas Day, the body of
Gilbert Byron Sharp, 21, was found on the Tecate Highway near the local
jail. Pickle said Sharp was electrocuted after climbing a utility pole
in a plan to cut electricity to the jail and free a drug suspect.

According to The Times, Sharp and another man were arrested on drug
charges in Tijuana in September. Sharp was freed but his companion was
still in custody.

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