Matt Weinstock

May 2, 1957
Los Angeles

In the last couple of weeks Kay Cataldi has repeatedly observed a strange
sight–young women walking barefooted along a street, carrying their shoes.

She saw one on Hill street, another on 1st street. The other day a girl walked
into City Hall barefooted, carrying her shoes, and Kay’s curiosity overwhelmed

And so she asks, what is this? A trend? A rite of spring? A sorority initiation?
Are they members of a cult?

Well, Kay, I’ve made a brief survey of my own and the consensus was best
expressed by a waitress named Julia:

"Are you kidding? They go barefooted because their feet hurt. As for the girl in
the City Hall. I’ve had a yen to do that for years. Boy, that cool marble floor
on a hot day, that’s living!

AROUND TOWN: Kendis Rochlen, who has to
stay out late covering the goings-on at nightclubs and movie colony soirees,
reports the all-night disc jockeys speak a strange nocturnal language. She heard
one remark, after playing a Nat Cole record: "Isn’t that Nathaniel the

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1 Response to Matt Weinstock

  1. Scott Mercer says:

    Shouldn’t it have been cuckooest?
    I like to preserve the spellings as they were–had I been around 50 years ago I would have raised the same question.
    Thanks for reading,


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