Matt Weinstock

April 29, 1957
Los Angeles

A bus driver who hauls a cargo of housemaids to the Beverly Hills area daily on his early morning run heard a conversation the other day that made him realize life isn’t always as orderly and legal as people might think.

Two women of about 50 got on his bus downtown and greeted each other warmly.

“I haven’t seen you for about a year!” said one. “Where have you been?”

“Oh, I just work once in a while now,” said the other. “I’ve got a baby.”

“A baby? You?”

“Oh, someone gave it to me. She couldn’t take care of it so she just gave it to
me. I got it when it was a week old.”

“Well, where is it now?”

“I leave it with the woman across the street when I work.”

“Well, is it yours? Have you adopted it?”

“Oh, we didn’t bother about that. The mother didn’t want it so we just took it
over. And it’s such a pleasure. My husband and I just love it.”

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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