28, 1957

Los Angeles

A boy (and how anyone knows it was a boy is never explained) came across a
stalled car on the Southern Pacific right of way
near Valley
Boulevard and Boca Avenue in Alhambra
.  He  ran along the tracks
and flagged down the oncoming Sunset Limited, The Times says. 

The boy’s actions saved the life of the driver, William Frasie McKeehan, 21, who
was booked at the City Jail for being drunk.



Rather like the Lone Ranger, the boy left before giving police his name. As for
McKeehan, he died Aug. 20, 1989, at the age of 53, 22 more years than he would
have had if  he hadn’t been  spared that night.  Let’s hope he
made use of them.


About lmharnisch

I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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