Hitler Dead Soon, Hungarian Astrologer Says

Sept. 9, 1941, Astrology

Sept. 9, 1941, Comics

Sept. 9, 1941: The Times publishes the amazing predictions of Hungarian “astro-philosopher” Louis De Wohl!

He says Adolf Hitler is mentally ill. Check.

He says Hitler doesn’t have long to live. Well, depending on how you define “long.”

And the golden age of peace will begin in 1948! Uh-oh.

How does he do it? “There’s nothing supernatural or uncanny about it. It’s just cold logic,” he says. “Stars can affect our doings only 40% of the time and wills of humans affect the remaining 60%. But you can’t ignore that 40%.”

The Sacramento Solons meet the Hollywood Stars at Gilmore Field in a double-header. [New readers, Gilmore Field (d. 1950) is now the site of CBS Television City.]

Jimmie Fidler says: That’s an on-the-level tiff between Betty Grable and Carole Landis, with studio workers rooting for the latter.

Sept. 9, 1941, Baseball

Sept. 9, 1941, Astrology

Sept. 9, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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5 Responses to Hitler Dead Soon, Hungarian Astrologer Says

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Fidler was right, Jackie Cooper and Susanna Foster did hit a ten strike with GLAMOUR BOY, an entertaining behind the scenes look at the movie industry.


    • lmharnisch says:

      @Mary: I’ve gotten rather fond of Fidler. I sure prefer him over Hedda Hopper, who was always throwing her weight around, trying to push the studios into casting her pets. And I have never seen anyone get it so wrong so often when it came to casting. This woman could never get anything right.


  2. keith says:

    Solons was a great name,


  3. Jimmy Fidler had a fifteen minute radio show, I remember listening to. His voice was high pitched and annoying. He affected the same rapidity as Walter Winchell. Though he was vapid while Winchell was mean-spirited.


  4. vp19 says:

    Didn’t Gilmore Field continue through 1957, when both the Stars and PCL rival Angels breathed their last? It may have been Gilmore Stadium, the adjacent football facility, that expired in 1950 and was replaced by Television City.


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