Matt Weinstock, Dec. 23, 1959

  Dec. 23, 1959, Peanuts

Dec. 23, 1959, Peanuts

Erring Blacklisters Sorry

Matt Weinstock     A week after it was disclosed, the strange case of Louis Pollock is still the big talk among Hollywood writers.

    Pollock has written a dozen screenplays and 30 television plays in the past five years.  He sold only one.  But he kept banging away at his typewriter, hoping, as all writers hope, that he'd hit.  It never occurred to him that anything was wrong.

    A few weeks ago an executive in the entertainment business asked him about his background.  Pollock, puzzled, wondered why he was asking the questions.  The executive told him a Louis Pollack — with an a — was "on the list" and his work was not acceptable. 

Dec. 23, 1959, Drinking    POLLOCK CHECKED
the House-Un-American Activities Committee and received a letter apologizing for any embarrassment caused him.  It was a case of mistaken identity.  A San Diego businessman named Louis Pollack was called as a witness but refused to testify before the committee there in April, 1934.

     Louis Pollock's five-year writing blight is presumably over but the case has a sensitive subject — a blacklist.  Writers have long suspected there is one.  Film and TV brass have steadfastly denied it.
   Now writers are talking about an investigation of the self-appointed blacklisters.


Sidi Mohammed Morocco applied for citizenship in 1929 he spoke virtually no English and through the ministrations of a busy and unsympathetic clerk he was naturalized as Moe Barada.

    A few days ago he appeared in Burbank Superior Court with a petition to have his true name restored, which Judge V. P. Lucas granted.  So he isn't Moe anymore.


Our Christmas gifts
We keep on deposit
For weeks in a room
Called our Santa Clauset.
  Dec. 23, 1959, LoCigno  –RICHARD ARMOUR


photog Emil Ouhel had difficulty unearthing the Eskimo phrase for Merry Christmas to put on a greeting card.  Best guess was Chreeseema Ek Pin.  Further research revealed the Eskimos had no Christmas as such until the Christians introduced it, so there is no actual Eskimo word for it.  However, Emil learned that the word Gha -Mai means greetings on a festive occasion and that's what's on his card.  Incidentally, when he inquired of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce about it, he was informed that Eskimos speak English now. Gha-Mai, everyone.


suspicious-sized package arrives in most offices the procedure is usually to shake it to determine if it gurgles.  Well, a new, no-nonsense printed tab has appeared on packages this year stating "Rattle OK" . . . Mattel's Yuletide gift triumph is a two-stage missile propelled skyward by air and water pressure.  It is two-feet high and has a warhead with a concealed cap, which explodes on landing.


    A MAN IN A downtown saloon:  "I say let the amateurs have Christmas.  They're the ones who create all the trouble and get the cops down on us professional drinkers!" . . . For Christmas a Laguna  Beach gal named imageEster always gives friends angels sculpted out of soap.  One recipient remarked, "Gosh, even the angels are only 99.44% pure this season!"


Edna Singer, a dressmaker, drew license plates with the letters SEW . . . P.B. Ayers reports this sign in  a Huntington Park pet shop:  "Not responsible for livestock left here by act of God" . . . A bus stop bench on Florence Ave. advertises, "Around the corner — rooms for men with refrigeration" . . . The spectacular 100 member Polish Ballet at the Philharmonic Auditorium is part of the cultural exchange program with that country, approved by the State Department and didn't require Nikita's OK.







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