Woman kills husband as children sleep, Giants win over Dodgers, August 31, 1958


Lillian loved Ed. She loved him even though he beat her. She loved him
even though he was on probation for beating her. And she loved him even
when he lay dying on the kitchen floor after she stabbed him in the
heart. "I didn’t want him to hurt me anymore," she said.

On the night of the killing, Lillian and Ed had hired a babysitter for
their two children and gone to a party in Sierra Madre. By the time
they left, both had been drinking heavily.

On their way back to their home at 3843 Blanche St., Pasadena, Ed said he was going to drop her off and do some more drinking.

"I said, ‘Oh, no you don’t. You’re not leaving me this time,’ " she
told detectives. So Ed, who was 6 feet tall, slapped Lillian, who was 4
feet 11.

"When we got home, he hit me again and again," Lillian said. "Then he started to leave…. I loved him so much."

He got her into the kitchen and backed her against the sink.

"I reached into a drawer and pulled out a knife. I don’t know why I
did, except that I didn’t want him to hurt me anymore … and I didn’t
want him to leave," she said.

"But I didn’t mean to hurt him."

Lillian took the 5-inch steak knife and stabbed Ed in the heart. Then she pulled it out and threw on the kitchen floor.

"I embraced Ed. I asked him to speak to me," she said. "I didn’t want him to die. I begged him to live."

"I didn’t know what to do," Lillian continued. "I called the telephone
operator and told her to get the police to our address. I woke up the
kids and told them I hurt him. But I wouldn’t let them see him."

On Jan. 28, 1959, Lillian Gloria Kella, 33, was convicted of
second-degree murder in the killing of her husband. She faced a
sentence of five years to life in prison, but The Times never followed
up on the story.


Now here’s some Frank Finch sports writing for you: "Willie Mays, who needs a rest like Israel needs Nasser, drove in all the runs for the Giants tonight as they completed a day-night double-header with the Dodgers."

The Braves beat the second-place Pirates, 9-1. Pitcher Lew Burdette (16-9) drives in four runs with a double and a triple. Eddie Mathews and Frank Torre hit home runs.

And college football is about to begin in the final year of the Pacific Coast Conference … Sports Editor Paul Zimmerman notes that Street & Smith’s Football Yearbook picks Ohio State as the nation’s top team, followed by Oklahoma and Notre Dame. Best in the West is Oregon State (ninth) and ASU (10th).

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  1. zabadu says:

    Found this reference:
    Stabbing hearing started : Deputy claims suspect said: She didn’t care, .
    Pasadena Star News, 9/5/1958, Page 13, Column
    Subject Headings: Kella, Lillian Gloria | Murder | Kella, Edward Tyler | Crime and Criminals | Domestic Violence


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