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L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Shopping Guide

Note: This is a repost from 2013. Glen Creason’s book on maps of Los Angeles shows the many ways people have viewed the city over the years. I interviewed him for The Times in 2012 and fortunately for all concerned, … Continue reading

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The New Rapper: Li’l Fatty Alias DJ Roscoe

Dear ProQuest: No, I did not. Perhaps you are thinking of Nipsey Hussle.

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Books, Reading and Lending Libraries

Note to millennials: This is an example of a book from a lending library. These were generally small  businesses that rented books for pennies a day and specialized in current literature and somewhat racy material that wasn’t available at the … Continue reading

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Another Wikipedia Hoax Exposed

A regular reader forwarded the following post to me, regarding our go-to source for misinformation: Wikipedia. Writing in The Daily Dot, E.J. Dickson describes surprise in discovering that a 2009 edit made to a Wikipedia entry as a college prank … Continue reading

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‘Laura’ — People Who Write in Library Books Should Be Shot

In researching “Laura,” I borrowed Gerald Pratley’s “The Cinema of Otto Preminger” from the Los Angeles Public Library, only to discover that some idiot had scrawled through the entire book. The individual who committed this crime spent lots of time … Continue reading

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‘Laura’: The Making of a Classic Film Noir – Adventures in Research

Louella Parsons’ May 15, 1944, item on Rouben Mamoulian being replaced as the director of “Laura” has inspired a long detour into the production of the film – beginning with Vera Caspary and her 1942 novel. Given the typical state … Continue reading

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LAPD Scrapbook: June 16, 1949

I recently visited the city archives and thanks to archivist Michael Holland, I learned that the LAPD kept scrapbooks in the 1940s. Not all years are represented, unfortunately, but the department apparently subscribed to a clipping service at one point. … Continue reading

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L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Shopping Guide

Glen Creason’s book on maps of Los Angeles shows the many ways people have viewed the city over the years. I interviewed him for The Times in 2012 and fortunately for all concerned, the column was seen by a real … Continue reading

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N.R.A. Frees Workers to Visit the Library

August 1933: In my journey through years ending in “3,” I have neglected 1933, when the National Recovery Act took effect  Aug. 1. President Roosevelt’s plan was to put people back to work by raising the minimum wage to $12 … Continue reading

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When Hollywood Tries to Get It Right

July 5, 1983: Calendar writer Judith Michaelson has a most enjoyable story about De Forest Research, founded in 1952 by Kellam de Forest and located on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. At that time, the company had seven researchers, 16,000 … Continue reading

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Answering Michael Rosenblum: What IS a Library?

A fellow named Michael Rosenblum, whom I have never encountered before, has written a Huffington Post essay on libraries and meanders about on the idea that Google has made them obsolete. Mind you, this is not a direct point — … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Murder and Myth, Coming Next week

A world without Wikipedia – not such a bad idea. Regular readers of the L.A. Daily Mirror know that I consider Wikipedia a sinkhole of mistakes and folklore that is created and maintained by “citizen scholars,” coding tweakers, crackpots and … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: January – February 2013

The March 1936 issue of Black Mask magazine includes Raymond Chandler’s “The Man Who Liked Dogs.” Jan. 19: “The Tall T,” part of the Autry museum’s What Is a Western? film series.  $11/$7/$5 1:30 p.m. Jan. 23: The Simple Art … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Los Angeles Archives Bazaar

The annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar will be held Oct. 27 at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library. The bazaar is an excellent way to become acquainted with the astounding number of libraries and historical societies across the city and their amazingly … Continue reading

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Reading Los Angeles: Glen Creason

Photo: “Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon” by Eduardo Obregón Pagán. In interviewing Los Angeles Public Library map librarian Glen Creason, I asked about his favorite books on Los Angeles. There wasn’t space to include the list with the story, but … Continue reading

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Glen Creason: All Over the Maps

My latest column for The Times is a chat with LAPL map librarian Glen Creason. Check it out.

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Brand Library

“Aerodrome Replacing Country-House Garage,” Illustrated London News, Oct. 29, 1921, Courtesy of Mary Mallory Unique thematic architectural homes stand out all around the Los Angeles area, like Yamashiro and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Barnsdall, Freeman, and Storer residences, just to name … Continue reading

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On Assignment

I’m on assignment this week, so posting will be light.

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Reading ‘Mad Men’ — Mom’s Edition

The Daily Mirror HQ is not equipped to receive “Mad Men,” so the TV sensation is lost on us. However, several “Mad Men” reading lists are floating around the Web for possible inclusion on your Zombie Reading List: The New … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the 1940 Census

Kerry Bartels of the National Archives in Riverside will give a presentation at the downtown Los Angeles Public Library on Thursday on the newly released 1940 census material. The presentation is at 12:15 p.m. in Meeting Room A. Bartels will … Continue reading

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