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The Old Daily Mirror Is Back Online

Some of the collateral damage from the redesign of was the disappearance of the old Daily Mirror. It’s back online at the same old place. Google hates broken links, so I’m not sure what the outage did to its … Continue reading

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The L.A. Daily Mirror Is Dropping Its Ads

I have been using a wonderful plug-in for Firefox called Adblock Plus, which I recommend for everyone. It does a terrific job of block annoying ads. (There are also versions for Google Chrome and for Internet Explorer, for those of … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Walter Winchell on Broadway, March 11, 1944

March 11, 1944 Lint From a Blue Serge Suit Dinah Shore’s headache: Her great arranger has been drafted … Barbara Stanwyck’s next film will be her 50th. Just finished Warners’ “My Reputation.” All those long-distance calls for starlet Gail Russell … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Life Magazine, Jan. 31, 1944

Jan. 31, 1944: The cover photo shows Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur William Tedder, G.C.B., chosen as Gen. Eisenhower’s deputy commander for the invasion of Europe. The featured movie is “Lifeboat” and Life pays a visit to the Florentine Gardens. … Continue reading

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L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 4

These were the most popular words in the final comments of the reader survey.   OK, here are some final comments and responses:

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L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 3

And here’s where we try to get a handle on where to focus for 2014: The top interest among Daily Mirror readers is film, followed by famous crimes (unsolved and solved), then preservation, architecture, television, LAPD/law enforcement, other, theater and … Continue reading

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L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 2

In one segment of the survey, I asked readers what other websites they visited. Interestingly enough, the Los Angeles Times was the top website, followed by IMDB, the New York Times, Wikipedia (ahem), L.A. Observed, Curbed L.A., the Daily Beast, … Continue reading

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L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Part 1

Last month, the Daily Mirror polled readers for the first time. The responses were gratifying (thank you) and interesting. Of course, this is an opt-in poll, so it’s not as reliable as one of the more formal, scientific polls, but … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Life Magazine, Jan. 17, 1944

Jan. 17, 1944: Charles Beard, American historian, is featured on this week’s cover. There’s also a feature on cartoonist Bill Mauldin  and the movie “A Guy Named Joe.” All scanned by Google.

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The Shrinking American Newspaper, 1989 — 2014

I dug into some old boxes over the holidays and found this Business section cover from 1989, which I had used to wrap something. Here it is, compared to the Jan. 10, 2014, business cover. We all know that newspapers … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Life Magazine, Jan. 3, 1944

Jan. 3, 1944: Google has thoughtfully scanned Life magazine for 1944. Here’s the first issue of the year.

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Los Angeles Prepares to Celebrate a Wartime Christmas

Dec. 19, 1943: Los Angeles prepares to celebrate Christmas with a focus on service members, while U.S. troops fight the Nazis in hand-to-hand combat for the Italian town of San Pietro.  The Times story by James Warnack (d. 1958) begins:  … Continue reading

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A Relic of the Past: Horse Flop Found in Downtown Los Angeles!

In the 21st century, one can still find horse flop on Spring Street near City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. So much for the predictions of yesteryear,  in which we would be living in domed cities, get our power from … Continue reading

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Pages of History — Morrow Mayo and ‘Los Angeles’

This is something of a find. “Los Angeles” is one of the most influential — though certainly not one of the most accurate — books ever written about local history and although it’s well known, the author, George “Morrow” Mayo … Continue reading

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Take the L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Responses Closed

Jack Webb and William Conrad phone in their answers to the L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey. Update 2: Today’s the last day to express your thoughts in the Daily Mirror Reader Survey. And stay tuned for the results. Update: More … Continue reading

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Another Good Story Ruined: William Parker vs. Bugsy Siegel

By Yvonne Villarreal in The Times. Let’s get this straight: There was never a “long and often bloody struggle between LAPD Police Chief William Parker and gangster kingpin Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel” for the simple reason that Siegel was shot to … Continue reading

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Nov. 22, 1963: Remembering JFK, That Day in Dallas and Baby Boomer Nostalgia

Nov. 22, 1963: The Times publishes an extra. I recently attended graduation exercises for a local college and the commencement speaker spent quite a while talking about how the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a watershed moment … Continue reading

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We Are Revolutionists!

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project. Nov. 9, 1907: Local sympathizers, anarchists and socialists are organizing a mass meeting to protest the imprisonment of Ricardo Flores Magon, Librado Rivera, Antonio Villareal and L. Gutierrez … Continue reading

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The ‘Decline’ of Wikipedia

A world without Wikipedia? Sounds good to me. Tom Simonite in the MIT Technology Review looks at the “decline” of Wikipedia (that would, of course, assume that it was ever worth anything). Yet Wikipedia and its stated ambition to “compile … Continue reading

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‘The Clansman’ Comes to Los Angeles – Part 2

A photo from an ad for “The Clansman” in the Los Angeles Herald, 1908. Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a program from the Mason Opera House, announcing the upcoming production of “The Clansman,” the play by Thomas Dixon Jr. … Continue reading

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