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L.A. Becomes New York: ‘Three on a Match’ (1932)

After I posted a photo of Ann Dvorak’s Duesenberg in the 1932 film “Three on a Match,” John Bengtson noted that the school scenes were filmed at Los Angeles High School on Fort Moore Hill. “Three on a Match” is, … Continue reading

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Christmas in Los Angeles, 1913

Dec. 13, 1913: Santa Claus visits the 400 students at Castelar Street School and “spoke six languages,” according to The Times. Several little girls who had never possessed dollies before in their short lives were the recipients of lovely ones, … Continue reading

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Millennial Moment: Locke High Student Hangs Herself

Nov. 29, 1983: Bridget Marie Hicks was a 17-year-old girl with two children and apparently too many problems. A worker at the South-Central Multi-Purpose Child Development Center found her hanging from a tree. Police said Bridget, a student at nearby … Continue reading

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Conservatives Sexually Frustrated, UCLA Daily Bruin Says

Sept. 26, 1943: The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen ends its strike against the Pacific Electric, with workers returning to their jobs at 2 a.m. Their first task is to untangle a “freight jam which had threatened to undermine the entire … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hats Off to Black-Foxe Military Institute

Long before there were Tiger Moms, many parents stressed discipline and hard work to their school-age children. Boys were often enrolled in military prep schools to learn discipline, rigor and fortitude through both schoolroom work and athletic pursuits. Several Los … Continue reading

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China Bans Traditional Clothing for Western Fashions

Jan. 3, 1913: The Chinese government issues an edict against traditional clothing in favor of Western fashions. Women were called upon “to abandon their trousers for the occidental skirt and men to give up their comfortable loose clothes for the … Continue reading

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Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln’s Outrage!

Read all of the Jan. 3, 1863, Los Angeles Star at USC’s digital library. Jan. 3, 1863: Of all that you may know about the Emancipation Proclamation, I doubt you have read anything negative (unless you’re a historian), so the … Continue reading

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Caltech Students Hold Drag Beauty Contest

May 15, 1942: In a typical publicity stunt, someone from showman Earl Carroll’s operation offered to select Caltech’s beauty queen. Nobody told them that the campus was all-male (oooh girls can’t be engineers!). So the young men decided to have … Continue reading

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UCLA Provost Calls for a Return to Basics in Education

Feb. 25, 1942: UCLA Provost Earle Hedrick (d. 1943) describes the prevailing disdain for the “three Rs” as “the Pearl Harbor” of American education. Charging that American education is ruled by an elite clique, Hedrick says: “I propose that we … Continue reading

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A Firsthand History Lesson on Pearl Harbor

In 1962, I was a seventh-grader at Washington Junior High School in Naperville, Ill. On Dec. 7, Mr. Humbert, our social studies teacher, put aside the regular curriculum to give his young pupils a firsthand account of Pearl Harbor. Many … Continue reading

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Court Dispute Highlights Kevorkian’s Artwork

Image: Johann Sebastian Bach by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, in one of his paintings that doesn’t involve death and – apparently — wasn’t painted with his own blood. Washington Post education writer and columnist Jay Mathews has an interesting piece on … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Los Angeles Archives Bazaar [Updated]

Photo: The 2010 Archives Bazaar at Doheny Memorial Library. Credit: Larry Harnisch/ [Update: This is today! Mary Mallory says she’ll be at the Hollywood Heritage table from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., so if you’re there be sure to say … Continue reading

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#museum, #history

To accompany U.S. history as told in video games, we have U.S. history as told by Facebook, by Teddy Wayne, Mike Sacks and Thomas Ng in the New York Times. The Daily Mirror Recommends:At the Daily Mirror, we’re always interested … Continue reading

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In Which a Ghostly Visitor Returns

March 15, 2007Los Angeles “Well, dear boy, I suppose you thought you were through.” “Yes, I did.” “And?” “Good grief! Do you see this bridge over the Gold Line? It looks like it’s held up with hairpins and spit!” “Saliva, … Continue reading

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An Independent Woman

March 5, 1907Los Angeles What shall we do with Emma? She’s gone off to New Mexico and married a Chinaman. Her horrified mother hopes to get the marriage annulled, but Emma is an independent-minded young lady. Emma’s mother, Mary Culver … Continue reading

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A Page From the Past

March 3, 1907Los Angeles Stroll into the Los Angeles Public Library on Central Avenue with me for a moment, over to the children’s section. The librarian says there are about 15,000 to 16,000 books, only half of what is needed, … Continue reading

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The Rising City

Feb. 12, 1907Los Angeles Imagine the surprise of Mrs. Robert Jackson, who was about to move into her new home on Vernon Avenue and discovered that the contractor had built it on someone else’s lot, next to the one that … Continue reading

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On the Frontiers of Medicine

Jan. 31, 1907Los Angeles Showing once again that Los Angeles is out of touch with Sacramento, local health officials are fighting an education bill that would lift mandatory smallpox vaccinations for schoolchildren. Vaccinations were opposed for several reasons in the … Continue reading

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An Apostle of the Past

Jan. 28, 1907Los Angeles William Jennings Bryan stepped from the Owl train to be greeted by a long-waiting crowd. “In appearance, Mr. Bryan has changed but little since he was last in Los Angeles,” The Times says. “In his manner, … Continue reading

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A Most Remarkable Man

Jan 28, 1907Los Angeles “If my career seems strange to you, it seems stranger and more incredible to me,” Gen. Homer Lea once said. And indeed it was, for Lea’s life was the tale of a poor and badly handicapped … Continue reading

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