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Black Dahlia: Going Digital

  I am slowly digitizing all the interviews I have conducted into Los Angeles in the 1940s and it’s so nice to hear them again. This week, I did Fred Okrand (d. 2002) of the ACLU; Betty Rowland, the 1940s … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  This week’s mystery movie has been the 1934 RKO picture “Bachelor Bait,” with Stu Erwin (Friday’s mystery guest), Rochelle Hudson (Wednesday’s mystery guest), Pert Kelton (Thursday’s mystery guest), Skeets Gallager (Friday’s mystery guest) and Burton Churchill (not shown). It … Continue reading

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Mayor Garcetti Fires Up the Lindbergh Beacon

And yes, here is the Lindberg beacon atop City Hall, illuminating the skies over Los Angeles for Christmas Eve 2014.

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Mayor Garcetti: Where’s the Lindbergh Beacon?!

A not great photo by me showing the Lindbergh beacon in December 2006. Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti says: Checking on it right now–I love the beacon and will be sure it gets lit if it hasn’t been. Dec. 9, 2014: … Continue reading

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Sept. 4, 1781: Los Angeles Is Founded

  Sept. 4, 1926:The Times publishes a map showing the streets of the day, noting the changes made since Ord’s survey. Sept. 4, 1981: Mayor Tom Bradley and actress Bernadette Peters cut the cake for Los Angeles’ 200th birthday Jan. … Continue reading

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‘While the City Sleeps’ — John Bengtson Edition

John Bengtson, who has researched and written so much about early movie locations in Los Angeles, sends this Spence Air Photo of the Civic Center and weighs in on “While the City Sleeps.” Hi Larry – thank you for the … Continue reading

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From the Vaults — ‘While the City Sleeps,’ Part V

This is the last in our series of posts on the 1928 Lon Chaney film “While the City Sleeps.” We have previously looked at the history of the film, the plot (convoluted), the reviews (mixed) the condition of this print … Continue reading

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From the Vaults — ‘While the City Sleeps,’ Part IV

  In the three previous posts on the 1928 Lon Chaney film “While the City Sleeps,” we took a brief look at the production history and the plot, the critical reaction (mostly mixed) and the curious condition of the print, … Continue reading

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From the Vaults: ‘While the City Sleeps’ — Part I

It’s worth spending a bit more time on our recent mystery movie “While the City Sleeps” for several reasons. It’s not widely available and most copies seem to be missing large chunks of the film, making the complex narrative even … Continue reading

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Imagining the Future

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006. The subject came up today when I was having lunch with Ed Fuentes, so I thought I would repost it. Notice that in this plan, Union Station was to have been … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Lindbergh Beacon on L.A. City Hall?

Joining us in our question,  blogger Militant Angeleno also asks “What happened to the Lindbergh Beacon on City Hall?” The Militant says: “Leaving the Lindbergh Beacon off during the holiday season makes Huell Howser’s angel cry.” Here’s video.

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Will Someone at City Hall Please Turn on the Lindbergh Beacon?

A not great photo by me showing the Lindbergh beacon in December 2006. I noticed several weeks ago that the Lindbergh beacon at City Hall hadn’t been turned on and I thought maybe I was being premature. But as of … Continue reading

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A Relic of the Past: Horse Flop Found in Downtown Los Angeles!

In the 21st century, one can still find horse flop on Spring Street near City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. So much for the predictions of yesteryear,  in which we would be living in domed cities, get our power from … Continue reading

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Downtown Los Angeles: Broadway

This postcard, marked 1909, showing Broadway, looking north just below 4th Street, has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $8.95. And for comparison, here’s what it looks like on Google Street View. Let’s take a closer look.

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Rediscovering Los Angeles – The Old Livery Stable

This is the fourth in the Rediscovering Los Angeles series, from Nov. 25, 1935, by Times artist Charles Owens and columnist Timothy Turner. Horses did not disappear from the streets of Los Angeles for quite a while after the introduction … Continue reading

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L.A. French Benevolent Society Celebrates Founding in 1859

The entire Aug. 15, 1863, issue of the Los Angeles Star, scanned from a copy at the Huntington, is available from USC (in color) or the California Digital Newspaper Collection (black and white). Aug. 15, 1863: Another installment of the … Continue reading

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LAPD Spied on Mayor, Attorney General, Detective Says

Aug. 16, 1983: Former Times reporter Joel Sappell reports on allegations by Detective Michael J. Rothmiller that the LAPD’s Organized Crime Intelligence Division spied on Mayor Tom Bradley, then-Atty.Gen. John Van de Kamp, and other U.S., state, county and local … Continue reading

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LAPD Chief Wants More Police; Terrible Traffic – 1913

April 3, 1913: That is author L. Frank Baum and composer Louis F. Gottschalk, the team behind “The Tik-Tok Man of Oz,” which was a blockbuster in Los Angeles. The Times said it “is the reigning sensation of the local … Continue reading

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Land Bargain in L.A.: 50 Cents an Acre!

Read the entire edition online at USC, scanned from a copy at the Huntington Library. March 28, 1863: The city of Los Angeles is selling 2,000 acres “within the eastern boundary of the city” at a minimum price of 50 … Continue reading

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Pray for Me, I’m Going to See ‘Gangster Squad’

I am heading  off to see “Gangster Squad” this morning, not because I expect it to be good, but because I expect it to be very, very bad, as already reflected by the first reviews and the trailers. I have … Continue reading

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