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Harry Houdini: An Interview by Marcet Haldeman-Julius, October 1925

We have been collecting issues of Haldeman-Julius Monthly for several years, but one issue was particularly elusive: The October 1925 number featuring an interview with Harry Houdini, written by Marcet Haldeman-Julius, which was published a year before his death and … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Marc Wanamaker at the L.A. Breakfast Club

I like mine fried upside down. Ham ‘n’ eggs. Flip ’em, flop ’em, flap ’em. Ham ‘n’ eggs. –Los Angeles Breakfast Club’s anthem Noted film historian and photo collector Marc Wanamaker will be speaking about the history of the Los … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Crossword Mama, You Puzzle Me

“Cross Word Puzzle Mama, You Puzzle Me,” courtesy of Mary Mallory. Recording of “Cross Word Puzzle Mama.” The 1920s were a decade of fads. Everything from mah jongg, radio, bridge, golf, solitaire and dance steps exploded into popularity before being … Continue reading

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The Death of Ted Healy — Part 5

Dec. 28, 1937: A photo of Betty Braun Healy in the Daily News. In case you just tuned in, I have spent a long time dissecting the death of comedian Ted Healy, starting with the yarn about him being beaten … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Nirvana Apartments

A few months ago, a friend and I were walking up Orange Drive from the El Capitan Theatre to the Hollywood Heritage Museum and noticed a striking Japanese looking apartment building at 1775 N. Orange Drive. It featured a pagoda-style … Continue reading

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‘Negroes and Whites, Including Women, Mix in Unbelievable Orgies’

March 24, 1925: I found this while researching something else and it’s too cool not to share.

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Found on EBay – ‘The Gold Rush’

A program from the 1925 showing of “The Gold Rush” at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre has been listed on EBay. This item has been removed from a scrapbook and frankly we have mixed feelings about that. Antique dealers who cannibalize mementos … Continue reading

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Architectural Rambling – The Van Griffith Estate

The Times Sunday Business section featured the former home of Van M. Griffith (d. 1974), the son of Griffith Park donor Colonel Griffith J. Griffith.  (For some reason, the early stories in The Times refer to him as “Dan Griffith” … Continue reading

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