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Los Angeles Celebrates Christmas, 1913

Dec. 25, 1913: The Times carries a biblical passage across the nameplate (notice the artwork of the new and old Times buildings) and a Page 1 cartoon by Edmund Waller “Ted” Gale. “Cartoonist Gale” frequently drew a character known as … Continue reading

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Christmas in Los Angeles, 1913

Dec. 13, 1913: Santa Claus visits the 400 students at Castelar Street School and “spoke six languages,” according to The Times. Several little girls who had never possessed dollies before in their short lives were the recipients of lovely ones, … Continue reading

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Mason Opera House – a Lost Landmark

Downtown hipsters know the spot at 1st Street and Broadway as a big hole in the ground, where construction seems to be getting underway. More mature Angelenos may recall the 1950s Cold War monstrosity that was demolished after being damaged … Continue reading

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Arabella Huntington Marries Nephew in Paris

The Times takes a dim view of Mexican revolutionaries.   July 17, 1913: Arabella D. Huntington, widow of the late Collis P. Huntington, marries his nephew, Henry E. Huntington, in Paris at the American Church in the Rue de Berri.  … Continue reading

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Chicago Schools to Teach Sex Education; Work Crew Digs Up Skeleton

New straw hats at Mullen & Bluett, Broadway and 6th Street. Straw hats are “jaunty, clever, correct.” But we knew that, right? July 10, 1913: Sex “hygiene” will be taught in the Chicago high schools after a vote by the … Continue reading

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Our Decadent Era!

The latest in women’s apparel at Hale’s Good Goods, 541, 543, 545  S. Broadway. Young women, you are slaves to fashion! 541-545 S. Broadway via Google Street View. July 3, 1913: A rabid dog runs through the streets of Tucson, … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights – Pasadena’s Colorado Street Bridge Celebrates 100th Anniversary

The city of Pasadena will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the gorgeous Colorado Street Bridge on Saturday, June 22, 2013, one of the outstanding historic cultural monuments of the city. Built to serve a basic utilitarian purpose, the bridge … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘Adventures of Kathlyn,’ Hollywood’s First Cross-Promotional Stunt

“The Adventures of Kathlyn,” courtesy of Mary Mallory. Between 1910 and 1920, filmmaking exploded in Los Angeles and Hollywood, with production companies flocking to the sunlit mecca of Southern California. Populations surged as men and women traveled here pursuing fame … Continue reading

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Who Was California’s First Woman Judge? A Puzzlement

April 17, 1913: Clara Jess, described as the first woman in California to be appointed as a judge, resigns after a year. She was the recorder of Daly City and functioned like a justice of the peace, according to an … Continue reading

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Bill Would Bar Japanese From Owning Land

April 10, 1913: The Times seems to be featuring a woman artist, but it’s difficult to make out her elaborate signature. Is it N. Tanaga? V. Tanaga? V. Kanaga? Aha! she was Neva Kanaga. Further research indicates she was Neva … Continue reading

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LAPD Chief Wants More Police; Terrible Traffic – 1913

April 3, 1913: That is author L. Frank Baum and composer Louis F. Gottschalk, the team behind “The Tik-Tok Man of Oz,” which was a blockbuster in Los Angeles. The Times said it “is the reigning sensation of the local … Continue reading

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Bearthina Is Missing

March 27, 1913: Mrs. C.H. Hampton, 139 S. Olive St., is a woman with a stretch of bad luck. First her husband died, and then in December the former Mrs. Schwartz married a man named Hampton who talked her into … Continue reading

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LAPD in Standoff With Mad Gunman

The 900 block of South Francisco Street via Google Street View. March 19, 1913: F.C. Fredericks presents the LAPD with a difficult situation in the days before tear gas and swat teams (or indeed before negotiations by telephone). Fredericks was … Continue reading

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Seals Juggle, Walk Rope, Plus Little Miss Manicure at the Pantages!

Jan. 23, 1913: Juggling, rope-walking seals! Little Miss Manicure and the Scarecrow Man! On the jump, a couple of juicy divorces and Carl Warr, the dynamiter.

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The Day’s News – Pestilence and Starvation, Jan. 9, 1913

Jan. 9, 1913: We like to think that the past was a kinder, simpler time — when life moved at a slower pace. But no. The Times publishes a Page 1 news map “as an aid to the busy reader … Continue reading

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China Bans Traditional Clothing for Western Fashions

Jan. 3, 1913: The Chinese government issues an edict against traditional clothing in favor of Western fashions. Women were called upon “to abandon their trousers for the occidental skirt and men to give up their comfortable loose clothes for the … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – C.C. Pierce

Here’s 323 5th St. via Google’s Street View. Seven photos by C.C. Pierce showing Fire Department equipment have been listed on EBay. Pierce was a prolific photographer who chronicled the early days of Los Angeles. Many of his photographs are … Continue reading

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Fire Chief Injured in Blaze

A lot of five photos showing the Jan. 23, 1913, fire at the Los Angeles Wallpaper and Paint Co., 529 S. Main St., has been listed on EBay. The blaze injured Fire Chief Archibald “Archie” J. Eley and 18 men, … Continue reading

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