Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + +)

Jan. 20, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Monday, we have a mystery woman in some sort of legal unpleasantness.

Jan. 21, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, a mystery switchboard operator. To whom do you wish to speak, dearie?

Please congratulate Dewey Webb, Eve, Tim Doherty, Jo Anne, Jenny M, Pat in Michigan, Patrice Roe (who puzzles about our mystery woman’s scrapes with the law),  Don Danard, Mike Hawks and Dan Nather for identifying our mystery woman.

Jan. 22, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Wednesday, our mystery woman powders her nose.

Please congratulate Dewey Webb (Tuesday’s mystery woman/wrong mystery movie), Eve (Tuesday’s mystery woman), Pat in Michigan (mystery movie/mystery cast),  Joan (Tuesday’s mystery woman), Barbara Klein (mystery movie and cast), Floyd Thursby (mystery movie and cast) and Mary Mallory (Monday’s mystery woman/wrong mystery movie).

Jan. 23, 2014

And for Thursday, we have a mystery gent.

Please congratulate Dewey Webb (mystery movie and cast), Mary Mallory (mystery movie and cast), Benito (Wednesday’s mystery woman), Eve (mystery movie and cast), Mike Hawks (mystery movie and cast), Barbara Klein (Wednesday’s mystery woman)and June (Wednesday’s mystery woman).

Jan. 24, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Friday, we have a mystery woman and a (totally not) mystery gent.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery gent), Barbara Klein (Thursday’s mystery gent), Dewey Webb (Thursday’s mystery gent “looking very much like Don Ameche”), Don Danard (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery gent. Don notes:  “altho I don’t think I remember seeing him this young) and Mike Hawks, observing: “Why does [Thursday’s mystery gent] look so sad?”

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49 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + +)

  1. Joan says:

    It looks kinda like Winnie Ruth Judd.

  2. DeweyWebb says:

    Mayo methot

  3. Eve says:

    Is that poor “Sluggy” Methot? Terrific actress, she steals “Marked Woman” from everyone in the cast (except Isabel Jewell, who is always brilliant).

  4. Tim Doherty says:

    Mayo Methot?

  5. Jo Anne says:

    Mayo Methot

  6. Ed says:

    Is it Joan Bennett

  7. Gary Martin says:

    Iris Adrian.

  8. Jenny M says:

    Mayo Methot

  9. Pat in Michigan says:

    Mayo Methot

  10. Bob Hansen says:

    Libby Holman?

  11. Patrice Roe says:

    She looks like Mayo Methot to me, but I can’t find anything that would indicate she was ever in jail.

  12. Chrisbo says:

    Helen Mack?

  13. Don Danard says:

    Just a guess, but is it Mayo Methot?

  14. Mike Hawks says:

    Mayo Methot.

  15. Dan Nather says:

    Mayo Methot?

  16. DeweyWebb says:

    Isabel Jewell

  17. Benito says:

    Is Tuesday’s ringy dingy dame Natalie Schaefer, aka Mrs. Thurston Howell III, aka Lovey?

  18. Eve says:

    Speak of the devil–is that the always-wonderful Isabel Jewell?

  19. DeweyWebb says:

    Tuesday’s movie is BOMBSHELL

  20. Pat in Michigan says:

    For Tuesday, we have Isabel Jewell, which would make this film “Counsellor at Law”.

  21. Joan says:

    The telephone operator looks like Isabel Jewell.

  22. Barbara Klein says:

    The movie is “Counsellor at Law.” Monday is Mayo Methot; Tuesday is Isabel Jewell.

  23. Floyd Thursby says:

    Mayo Methot for Monday and Isabel Jewell for Tuesday in Universal’s delightful “Counsellor At Law” from 1934.

  24. Mary Mallory says:

    Mayo Methot Monday, and WOMEN IN PRISON?

  25. DeweyWebb says:

    Thelma Todd

  26. Mary Mallory says:

    Thelma Todd and COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW.

  27. DeweyWebb says:

    Counsellor At Law

  28. Benito says:

    Wednesday’s lady is Thelma Todd, which makes the movie 1935 or earlier

  29. Eve says:

    And that’s Thelma Todd as Lillian La Rue, powdering her nose–Counsellor at Law!

  30. Mike Hawks says:

    Isabel Jewell for tuesday and Thelma Todd for today in COUNSELLOR AT LAW 1933.

  31. Barbara Klein says:

    Wednesday is Thelma Todd.

  32. June says:

    Wednesday’s lady looks like Thelma Todd

  33. Mary Mallory says:

    John Boles today looking like Cedric Gibbons.

  34. Mary Mallory says:

    Oops, Onslow Stevens looking like Gibbons.

  35. Barbara Klein says:

    Thursday is Onslow Stevens.

  36. DeweyWebb says:

    Onslow Stevens looking very much like Don Ameche

  37. Don Danard says:

    I’ll hazard a guess and say today’s Mystery Photo is that of Onslow Stevens, altho’ I don’t think I remember seeing him this “young”.

  38. Don Danard says:

    By the way, is the film “Counsellor at Law” from 1933? The cast fits. Star was John Barrymore.

  39. Mike Hawks says:

    Why does Onslow Stevens look so sad.

  40. Mary Mallory says:

    A very young Melvyn Douglas.

  41. Mary Mallory says:

    Is that Isabel Jewell on the phone, and Doris Kenyon today?

  42. Barbara Klein says:

    And for Friday, we have Doris Kenyon and Melvyn Douglas.

  43. Mike Hawks says:

    Doris Kenyon and Melvyn Douglas.

  44. DeweyWebb says:

    Melvyn and Howard, er, Thelma

  45. Rick says:

    Melvin Douglas today

  46. Gary Martin says:

    Melvyn Douglaws in Counsellor at Law…with listed supporting cast.

  47. LC says:

    Counsellor at Law 1933 w/John Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas, Doris Kenyon, Isabel Jewell, Bebe Daniels…

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