Lou Costello’s Son Drowns in Swimming Pool

Nov. 3, 1943, Lou Costell's Son Drowns

Nov. 5, 1943: Lou Costello Jr. drowns in the swimming pool of the family home at 4124 Longridge Ave., Van Nuys. Here’s a post I wrote about the tragedy in 2007.

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7 Responses to Lou Costello’s Son Drowns in Swimming Pool

  1. Yes. I remember that broadcast and Abbot’s announcement at the end. Quite shocking, even to an 11-year-old. I always think of that whenever a trouper uses the phrase “The show must go on.”

  2. Zabadu says:

    Rats. I shows as “members only”. Would have liked to read it.

  3. bob taylor says:

    the home was in Sherman Oaks not Van Nuys. I swam in that pool in the early 70′s as it was owned by my then wifes aunt and her husband. The miniature train tracks were still in place around the grounds.

  4. Paul Visone says:

    I have been wondering why Lou Costello filmed an at home movie for his daughter’s birthday party and labeled the address of the party in his home movie “Van Nuys” instead of Sherman Oaks. I just watched this home movie on DVD earlier today. What am I missing here? Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks-Los Angeles. Are this cities all interchangeable, similar and acceptable for a mailing address?

    • lmharnisch says:

      You ask a common question. The answer is that the 1943, The Times stories about the death of Lou Costello’s son describe the house as being in Van Nuys. A later Times story about Costello’s arrest for drunk driving (he hit a parked car across from his house in 1952) says the home was in Sherman Oaks. I can’t explain the reasoning then. But today, The Times considers that address to be Sherman Oaks.

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