How Not to Wear a Hat – Film Noir Edition (Updated ++)


This mystery gent has a rather crushed chapeau.


Well, I suppose you could wear a hat this way….

Please congratulate Bob Levinson, Jenny M, Dewey Webb and Don Danard for identifying Tuesday’s mystery gent.


This movie is a bonanza of hats worn strangely!

Please congratulate Dewey Webb, Jenny M and Mike Hawks for identifying the movie and the mystery gents, and Mary Mallory, Bob Levinson, LC, Patrick, Claire Lockhart and Don Danard for identifying Wednesday’s mystery fellow.


One more hat worn badly.

Our mystery movie has been identified by William, LC, Patrick and Stacia!

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33 Responses to How Not to Wear a Hat – Film Noir Edition (Updated ++)

  1. dewey webb says:

    Rod Cameron at Chapeau Marmont

  2. Jenny M says:

    Stephen McNally

  3. Don Danard says:

    Is that Richard Lane? If so, he ought to know better!

  4. dewey webb says:

    Steven McNally

  5. dewey webb says:

    er, STEPHEN McNally

  6. okelly says:

    lionel stander

  7. Bruce says:

    Lenny Bruce in “Dance Hall Racket”

  8. dewey webb says:

    Criss Cross

  9. Don Danard says:

    OK, guess #2. How ’bout Horace “Stephen” McNally?

  10. dewey webb says:

    Sam Levene in Grand Central Murder

  11. Bob Levinson says:

    New photo: Sam Levene

  12. Jenny M says:

    Sam Levene in Grand Central Murder.

  13. Mike Hawks says:

    Tuesdays man is Stephen McNally and wednesday is Sam Levene both from GRAND CENTRAL MURDER 1942.

  14. LC says:

    Sam Levene is “hatman” number 2.

  15. Patrick says:

    Sam Levene

  16. Claire Lockhart says:

    Sam Levene

  17. Don Danard says:

    Latest Bad Hat Guy is Sam Levene.

  18. Jenny M says:

    Sam Levene and Van Heflin

  19. Grant Lockhart says:

    Stephen (Horace) McNally, Sam Levene, Betty Wells and Van Heflin in GRAND CENTRAL MURDER (1942)

  20. Mike Hawks says:

    And today we have Van Heflin along with Sam Levene.

  21. Don Danard says:

    So now we have Sam Levene and Van Heflin.

  22. william says:

    Van Heflin….”Grand Central Murder”….1942

  23. LC says:

    The movie is Grand Central Murder. That’s Van Heflin with Levene in the last picture.

  24. Patrick says:

    Horace (Stephen) McNally, Betty Wells, Sam Levene and Van Heflin in Grand Central Murder – 1942

  25. Stacia says:

    It’s Grand Central Murder (1942) with Stephen McNally in the first pic, Sam Levene in the second (and Cecilia Parker in the background I think, she looks like the girl from the Andy Hardy movies), and Sam Levene and Van Heflin in the third. Those hats are all wrong, even the dancer’s bow is crushed!

  26. dewey webb says:

    Thursday–Van Heflin

    Friday–Patricia Dane

  27. Mike Hawks says:

    Our man friday is Harry Tyler.

  28. Don Danard says:

    Latest …… Harry Tyler

  29. Grant Lockhart says:

    Patricia Dane and Harry Tyler in GRAND CENTRAL MURDER (1942)

  30. Mary Mallory says:

    Okay, It’s Grand Central Murder. First photo is Stephen McNally, the woman is Connie Gilchrist, Van Heflin is with Sam, and is that Joe Yule?

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