Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated)

Nov. 10, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s another mystery photo from the amazing collection of Steven Bibb!

Nov. 12, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s another photo of our mystery chap. Please congratulate Laura Wagner, Jo Anne, Don Danard, Mike Hawks, Dewey Webb, Mary Mallory and Eve for identifying him!

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22 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated)

  1. Laura Wagner says:

    Roger Pryor

  2. Jo Anne says:

    That wonderful actor Roger Pryor

  3. aryedirect says:

    Almost Robert Cummings. But not quite there.

  4. Don Danard says:

    Roger Pryor. The hair was the give-away!!

  5. dewey webb says:

    The separated-at-birth Marx Bros.

  6. Bruce says:

    Ozzie Nelson?

  7. Mike Hawks says:

    Mr. Ann Sothern, A.K.A. Roger Pryor.

  8. dewey webb says:

    Prior mystery guy Roger Pryor?

  9. Mary Mallory says:

    Roger Pryor. Didn’t we have him in a photo with Hugh Herbert and a mystery woman not too long ago?

  10. Bruce says:

    OK, then a young Lawrence Welk?

  11. Bob Levinson says:

    Best guess: Bobby Breen

  12. Jenny M says:

    Andy Russell

  13. Eve says:

    Roger Pryor?

  14. Bob Levinson says:

    Second try: Roger Pryor

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