Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated +)

Oct. 30, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s another photo from the amazing collection of Steven Bibb!

Oct. 31, 2012, Mystery Photo

Today, our mystery woman has a Tommy gun. Please congratulate Bob Levinson, Dewey Webb and Don Danard for identifying her. Please congratulate Don for identifying the mystery movie!

Nov. 1, 2012, Mystery_photo

And here’s another photo of our mystery gal! Please congratulate Mike Hawks for identifying our mystery gal.

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17 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated +)

  1. dewey webb says:

    marguerite chapman. . .again?

  2. Don Danard says:

    The lovely Margerite Chapman.

  3. lee rivas says:

    Ruth Roman?

  4. Benito says:

    Esther Williams, or am I all wet?

  5. Mike Hawks says:

    This is Marguerite Chapman.

  6. Don Danard says:

    The shot of Chapman with the machine gun would be from “Counter Attack”, a Columbia she did with Paul Muni. Which, it seems, has disappeared!

  7. Rick Scott says:

    Marguerite Chapman?

  8. Greg Clancey says:

    Any dame that can drink coffee and smoke a cigarette at the same time is okay with me.

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