Movieland Mystery Photo

Sept. 19, 2012, Mystery Photo

Here’s another mystery photo from the collection of Steven Bibb!

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18 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo

  1. Benito says:

    Susannah York or her evil twin

  2. dewey webb says:

    susannah york look-alike who (at least in this print) appears to need nasal electrolysis–or better retoucher

  3. Grant Lockhart (Claire's dad) says:

    Susannah York

  4. Jenny M says:

    Susannah York

  5. Barbara Klein says:

    Susannah York

  6. Mike Hawks says:

    Say hello to Susannah York.

  7. Eve Golden says:

    Looks like Sarah Miles . . . also looks a bit like a young Jill Ireland, but I think not.

  8. lee rivas says:

    Florence Henderson?

  9. CandyC says:

    Susannah York

  10. Megan says:

    Susannah York

  11. Don Danard says:

    Brit actress Susannah York

  12. Bob Hansen says:

    Susannah York, I think.

  13. Gary Martin says:

    Wish I could find my copy of Who’s Who (which is which) in the Swedish Cinema. Maybe on top of the bookcase…

  14. Rick Scott says:

    Susannah York

  15. Anne in NoHo says:

    Susannah York

  16. Mete Sarabi says:

    Susannah York

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