Movieland Mystery Photo [Update +]

June 21, 2012, Mystery Photo

And here’s Thursday’s mystery chap!

Update: This is Ben Blue. Please congratulate Gary Martin (1), Don Danard (2), Mary Mallory (3), Bob Levinson (4), Mike Hawks (5), Greg Clancey (6), William (7), Jenny M (8), Dewey Webb (9), Gregory Moore (10), Herb Nichols (11), Rick Scott (12), Lorenzo (13) and Mike Rose (14) for identifying him.

june 22, 2012, mystery photo

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19 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo [Update +]

  1. Gary Martin says:

    The young enough to have (somewhat) a widow’s peak, Ben Blue.

  2. Don Danard says:

    Is this not Ben Blue?

  3. dewey webb says:

    Gilbert Adrian (aka Mr. Janet Gaynor)

  4. Mike Hawks says:

    This looks like an impossibly young Ben Blue.

  5. Jenny M says:

    Basil Rathbone

  6. william says:

    Basil Rathbone

  7. Chad says:

    Richard Ney?

  8. Greg Clancey says:

    Ben Blue.

  9. william says:

    I should wait for more than one photo….I should wait for the real answer!…..My second guess is Ben Blue

  10. Jenny M says:

    Ben Blue

  11. dewey webb says:

    Ben Blue

  12. Gregory Moore says:

    Ben Blue?

  13. Rick Scott says:

    Okay,…thought I was crazy saying the first photo was a glamour shot of Ben Blue ((probably from his Hal Roach days)…until I saw the second photo!

  14. Lorenzo says:

    Looks a lot Benjamin Bernstein.

  15. Mike Rose says:

    Ben Blue!

  16. Benito says:

    He was in A Guide For The Married Man [1967] as “Shoeless”, the poor old chap who must exit his married girlfriend’s house so quickly that he left his shoes. It’s a nice surprise to see him so much younger.

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