Movieland Mystery Photo – Outdoor Dining Edition [Updated +]

March 15, 2012, Mystery Photo

[Update: Nope, it was real].  I suspect this neon sign is a prop because I can’t find a reference in The Times or the directories at the Los Angeles Public Library to a place called Stripp’s.  Most of this film is interiors, but there’s a sequence that shows sidewalk dining in what I assume is vintage Los Angeles. I can’t quite make out the street number over the door – but I would imagine that with four numbers instead of five it’s not out in the Valley. Of course, the set designer could have taken any outdoor location and set up tables, chairs and an umbrella. Any ideas?

Nov. 14, 1943, Throngs Watch Nude Dance on Church Lawn

[Update: Nov. 14, 1943: This is one of the stories I got when I researched Stripp’s in ProQuest. Dewey Webb and Greg Clancey have sent me links to a photo of Stripp’s at Gosh, I wonder if it’s got a picture of a certain Richfield gas station? Hmmmm.]

"The Strip"
[Update: Yes, this is the 1951 film “The Strip.” Please congratulate Michael Ryerson,  Don Danard, Dewey Webb, Greg Clancey, Gary Martin, Mary Mallory William Stansel and Julie Merholz for identifying our mystery movie and the restaurant.  The Daily Mirror is indeed fortunate to have such knowledgeable readers. ]

March 15, 2012, Mystery Photo

March 15, 2012, Mystery Photo

March 15, 2012, Mystery Edition

March 15, 2012, Mystery Photo

"The Strip"

The movie also has shots of the Sunset Strip….

"The Strip"

"The Strip"

And it features Jack Teagarden, left, Louis Armstrong, right, and nightclub owner Fluff “(William Demarest).

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19 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo – Outdoor Dining Edition [Updated +]

  1. The sign is from Stripps Cafe on Sunset Boulevard.

  2. But I don’t think the exteriors are actually Stripps, which was a little bitty place with a couple of umbrellas.

    • Santos L. Halper says:

      I think it is… Check out the distinctive flat awning in this photo compared with the stills above.

      • Santos, I think you’re right. I didn’t remember it being quite that substantial. Great photo and look at that car(!), a 1950 Ford tudor just like the car in Larry’s pictures and parked in only a slightly different spot. I think that’s got to be the same car, maybe the owner of the restaurant or an employee.

  3. And your movie is The Strip with Mickey Rooney, Sally Forrest (shown) and James Craig (also shown).

  4. Don Danard says:

    Both James Craig and Sally Forrest were in “While the City Sleeps”.

  5. dewey webb says:

    James Craig and Sally Forrest in The Strip–which might explain the sign. . .which also might be a take-off on Ships, a real burger joint of the era. Most on story took place on Sunset Strip

  6. dewey webb says:

    . . .maybe Ships reference is a leap. According to several sources, that chain didn’t open til early Sixties, more than ten years after this movie came out. . .

  7. Gary Martin says:

    The Strip. 1951. I was 12 when this film came out and to me it was truly bizzare. (Who would cast Mickey Rooney and Ida Lupino in the same film?) I wanted to see Sally Forrest dancing but instead got two hit tunes from Louis…Basin Street Blues, on two sides of a 45, and Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On …both scored on the hit parade …about number 6, I think. As a retired set decorator I would hazzard the guess that this sidewalk eatery is a set put together on location. In the film industy director’s chairs are a staple of the location trucks. But because of their fabric and easy soiling from spills, etc. they would never, or rarely, have been used in a restaurant. But maybe so …you folks do things differently out there.

  8. Mary Mallory says:

    It’s THE STRIP with Craig and Forrest.

  9. Gary Martin says:

    The entrance to the restaurant is on a diagonal to the street so that it faces into the center of the intersection. The number seems to me to read 1235 or 8. I am confident you know how to search that to find the cross town street.

  10. Mary Mallory says:

    One photo says it’s the famed Sunset Blvd. (it’s a closeup), and another has a small Van de Kamp sign in the background. What a band! There’s a problem with the site too, it won’t let me post under my usual name and email (either here or at home), I’m having to use FB or the Hollywood Heights address.

  11. Wm. Stansel says:

    A wild guess……”The Strip”

  12. juliemerholz says:

    The Strip is the movie. Mickey Rooney, Sally Forrest and James Craig are the stars.
    It looks like the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Drive.

  13. juliemerholz says:

    The Stripps in the Hollywood Photo was at Sunset and Sweetzer on the north side of Sunset.
    The set up in the movie was not at that location.

  14. Larry Schwartz says:

    “a 1950 Ford tudor?” That couldn’t possibly be true, as Ford replaced the Tudor with a Stuart roadster in 1948.

  15. Bill Krieger says:

    I think that around 1953 or so this location became the site of Gil Turner’s Liquors. Still there to my knowledge. They used to deliver!

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