Found on EBay – Harrison Gray Otis


An interesting bit of Los Angeles Times memorabilia has turned up on EBay. This is a Sept. 4, 1911, letter from Harrison Gray Otis (notice that he didn’t use his military title) to Drayton Pitts, acknowledging the receipt of a poem titled “The Times Holocaust,” presumably commemorating the 1910 bombing.  As Otis notes in his letter, the property at 1st Street and Broadway was cleared in preparation for a new Times Building that opened in 1912.

Although the paper never published a poem titled “The Times Holocaust,” it did publish a poem by Pitts titled “The Crime of the Century” on The Times Bombing on Oct. 1, 1912, and Dec. 31, 1915.

Dec. 31, 1915, Crime of the Century

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4 Responses to Found on EBay – Harrison Gray Otis

  1. la peregrina says:

    From what I’ve read about Harrison Gray Otis, I can see why he liked it.

  2. Michael Hecht says:

    I can see that these “posting” about the “The Times Holocaust,” are from 2011. I am the person who purchased this letter. I love local history and this letter speaks to a very important event in the life of Los Angeles. I want to thank whoever posted the poem. After 2 years, I had started my research on the letter and found you beat me to the punch by 2 years!

    Congradulations and thank you again.

    PS I agree with the December 3, 2011 blogger who said Harrison Grey Otis is too often made out to be a cartoon character.

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