Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated +]


[Update 2: This is Charles Dingle (d. 1956). He appeared in the 1941 stage and film versions of Lillian Hellman’s “The Little Foxes.”]
Here’s another photo, courtesy of Steven Bibb.

Jan. 15, 1941, Little Foxes
Aug. 12, 1941, Little Foxes


Update: Here’s another mystery photo!

Please congratulate: Richard Heft (after a loonnnnng absence — welcome back!), Mary Mallory, Mike Hawks, Don Danard, Julie and (2 minutes later) B.J. Merholz, Claire Lockhart, Benito and Rick Scott for identifying our mystery chap.

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13 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated +]

  1. Richard Heft says:

    Charles Dingle?

  2. Mike Hawks says:

    The man is Charles Dingle.

  3. dewey webb says:

    Played a judge in a much-watched movie. . .

  4. Don Danard says:

    Charles Dingle

  5. Claire Lockhart says:

    Charles Dingle

  6. Benito says:

    Charles Dingle, who was the evil brother in The Little Foxes.

  7. Gary Martin says:

    William or Rube Demarest? …uh …choices choices

  8. Rick Scott says:

    Charles Dingle. Great villian in both comedies and dramas!!

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